Post Series: Poems with Explanations: Obstruction

Ice cubes melted,
the sun shone,
but the wind did not blow.

Inside cobwebs materialized,
tightening simple structures,
binding the woven design, narrowly bound.

Insistent contractions malign,
the silent soul,
beating the will down, never bending.


This poem is about a person who is having breathing problems after overcoming a cold.  The breathing problems have become persistent.

In the first stanza, the person gets over the cold (Ice cubes melted).  After being inside for a week they go outside (the sun shone).  This feeling of relief is brief as the person finds they have trouble breathing (but the wind did not blow).

The next stanza describes the breathing problems.  The person feels that their breathing is constrained, like they have cobwebs in their chest (Inside cobwebs materialized).  It feels like the cobwebs are closing their airway (tightening simple structures) and making it narrow (binding the woven design, narrowly bound).

The person finds themselves coughing repeatedly (Insistent contractions malign).  They can’t speak because they are short of breath (the silent soul).  Even though they want to get up and do things, they feel that they can’t because of the breathing problems and coughing that will not stop (beating the will down, never bending).

This poem is a form poem.  Each stanza follows the same letter pattern of the first letter of each word.  This applies to corresponding lines in each stanza.  The pattern is:

Line 1: ICM

Line 2: TSS

Line 3: BTWDNB

This had the effect of making each stanza have the same number of words and each corresponding line have the same number of words.

The poem was written by writing the first stanza, and then making the second two match the pattern.

There was a little difficulty in applying this form, particularly in trying to have a natural sound to lines.  In the last lines of stanzas two and three, this was a bit of a problem.  Despite this, there did seem to be an added benefit of having a poem with this type of constrained form.  There is a certain quality added, in that the idea was expressed even with the constraint.



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