Post Series: Poems with Explanations: Trying

The forms all day,
blurs of empty repetition,
the pointlessness surrounds,
in speechlessness.

All the lost days,
the insides fill with contrition,
summer hibernation,
seems so endless.

A bold dark line,
an answer to the petition,
a wonder at fool’s gold,
holds all sense back.

The village edge,
the end of the expedition,
a nearby waving hand,
and it all goes.


This poem deals with someone looking for a job.  As the poem starts, the person has been looking for a job for some time.  They are at a point of dejection.

In the first line, The forms all day, the person has been filling out job applications online all day.  They have been doing this for months.  It is starting to overwhelm them emotionally.  They feel all the applications blending together and it seems like pointless repetition (blurs of empty repetition) as it has not led to a job.  This sense of pointlessness surrounds them (the pointlessness surrounds) and they feel at a loss and can’t express how they feel (in speechlessness).

The person reflects on how long they have been without a job.  They feel like it has been wasted time (All the lost days).  They think back to when they had a job, and how few steps they took to prepare for a time if they lost it.  They are filled with regret (the insides fill with contrition).  They feel like they are missing something of life now.  It is like they are hibernating in the summer (summer hibernation) (when there is something to miss, as opposed to the winter).  They feel like their state of unemployment will not end (seems so endless).

In the next stanza, there is a change.  The person checks their email and instead of seeing nothing or emails they have been opened, they see a new one (A bold dark line).  This email is different from past ones, in that it is not from a company (and by extension a form rejection) it is from a person (an answer to the petition).  The person almost gets excited, but realizing that it may just be a rejection (a wonder at fool’s gold) they hold their emotions down (holds all sense back).

The person checks the email and it is someone wanting to schedule a job interview with them.  All of a sudden, the person feels relief.  They feel like they have made it to their destination (The village edge) and that their trial is over (the end of the expedition).  The person reads again the offer of an interview (a nearby waving hand) and a sense of relief over what they have been through comes over them (and it all goes).

This poem is a form poem.  It uses the experimental poetry from: centered stanzas that was on this blog on August 10, 2016.  To summarize, the form has four centered stanzas, the syllable counts per line of each stanza are 4, 8, 6, and 4, and the second line of each stanza rhymes.


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