Post Series: Poems with Explanations: Hoping

sitting on the porch
hoping it all goes away
hearing the rain fall

In this poem, there is a young woman.  It is late in the afternoon.  Her day … has been difficult.  It has not been so bad, so as to reach the point of being traumatic, but it has been emotionally difficult.

In the poem, the woman is outside.  It is dark and raining.  She is on a covered porch with a concrete floor.  She is sitting on the ground, with her back to the wall.  Her knees are up, and her arms are around them.  This is described in the first line, sitting on the porch.

The woman is sitting silently.  She isn’t thinking.  She is currently experiencing a sense of respite.  Where she is, her problem isn’t.  She has a sense, that she just wants things to be calm again.  This is described in the second line of the poem, hoping it all goes away.

The hope in the second line of the poem was brought about by the rain in the third line of the poem.  The woman hopes it all goes away as she listens to the rain fall.  The rain has made a cocoon.  It is blocking out other things.  It is providing a sense of protection and puts the woman in the state where she can have the hope she has.

This poem is a haiku.  It has five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third.  In another pattern, the first line has four words, the second has five and the third has four.


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