Post Series: Poems with Explanations: lights, fairies, and fireflies

city lights sparkle
emerald fairies dance in rows
the fireflies die

This poem is a scene.  In the scene, there are two people in a hospital room.  One is in a bed, and is a patient.  The other is someone close to the patient.  It is night and the patient is sleeping in their hospital bed.  The someone close is awake, sitting in a chair and looking out through a window.  They are on an upper floor of the hospital in a city.

As the someone close looks out the window, they see the lights of the city sparkle (city lights sparkle).  This is stated directly in the poem.  As they look, they move their eyes from looking out the window to the person in the hospital bed.  They see the IVs connected to the person.  The IVs have little green lights that indicate how much medication (or other substance) is in the bags above them.  As the person watches, the numbers change as the amount of medication left decreases (emerald fairies dance in rows).  This is described metaphorically.

As the someone close reflects on what is happening to the patient, they feel a sense of defeat and loss.  The situation seems bad to them (the fireflies die).  This also is described metaphorically.

The poem has a flow from realism to metaphorical fantasy to metaphorical realism (realism in the last part in the sense that it is realistic, but not realism in the sense that they are really seeing it).  This reflects the emotions of the someone close as their still mind moves from the city, to the IVs, to the whole situation.  Without a sense of consciousness, the someone close’s emotions build as they take in the lights they see.  It is almost like a stillness before crying.

This poem is a haiku.  It is written with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second and five in the third.  The first two lines can be seen as being grouped together and the third line is a step away.

Although different things motivated this poem, part of the motivation is related to Freya Pickard of Pure Haiku and Dragonscale Clippings.  As readers will know, Freya was the one wrote the foreword to M. Sakran’s collection of poems with explanations, Understanding: poems with explanations.

Freya has a poetry collection.  It is called Insides.  The book relates to Freya’s ordeal of cancer.  It is officially being launched today.  You can read about it on her blog here: Dragonscale Clippings, and you can buy a copy of the book here: Insides.

As noted above, the haiku above relates to a medical scene.  Although the illness or injury of the patient in the hospital bed is not mentioned, it is severe enough that they are in a hospital, need multiple IVs, someone close to them feels the need to stay with them and their condition is causing the someone close some amount of distress.  Although it isn’t said, the condition of the patient could very well be cancer.  Freya’s book is about an illness from the patient’s point of view.  That idea, helped motive this poem, which is about an illness (or some other condition) from someone close to a patient’s point of view.  The idea was a change in perspective.

Additionally, readers of Freya’s blog, Dragonscale Clippings will notice at times fantasy elements.  This notion of fantasy, helped motivate the idea of the fairies in the second line of the poem above.

Lastly, readers of Freya’s blog, Pure Haiku, will know that it focuses on haiku written in the 5, 7, 5 format.  This motivated the idea to make the poem above a 5,7,5 haiku.


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