Bilingual Poem: Regret

Lying on the floor,
unable to breathe,
unable to see,
and thinking,
as consciousness fades,
of all the times,
the smoke alarm batteries,
could have been changed.

Tumbando en el piso,
no poder hacer respirar,
no poder hacer ver,
y pensando,
mientras conocimiento se apaga,
de todos los tiempos,
baterías de alarma de humo,
podrían estuvieron cambiaron.


P.S. As mentioned before, M. Sakran is not bilingual.  The translation above was done using a dictionary, by looking up verb conjugation, and by using previous knowledge.  It is very possible that some mistakes were made in the translation above.  Hopefully though, it is close enough, that the message comes across.  If any readers are bilingual, and would like to send M. Sakran a better translation, feel free to do so using the form on the contact page.  It won’t be posted, however, it would be an aid to M. Sakran.