Artwork to inspire poetry: black and white flowers

Black and white flowers

This artwork is of black and white flowers.  Originally, it was made using multiple colored pencils.  It was then scanned and computer altered to give the affect shown.  There are some interesting ideas in this artwork that can inspire poetry.

One idea is the idea of incompleteness.  This artwork has an incomplete quality to it.  There are no colors besides black and white.  It is missing those other colors.  Also, parts of it are grainy.  They are not complete.  This idea could inspire poetry that includes this idea.  Using the idea of black and white flowers a poet could, for example, write a poem that shows incomplete scenes of a funeral.  Giving only so much information, could add to the effect.

Another idea is the idea of being black and white.  Only two contrasting colors are shown.  There is a certain minimalism to it.  This idea could transfer to poetry.  A poet could take something complex, but only focus on two contrasting ideas about it, while leaving other details out.  For example, a poet could write about a baby being born.  They could focus on the two contrasting ideas of before and after birth.  The poem could look at those ideas singularly.  It could view them in a minimal way.

A third idea, is obviously the idea of flowers.  There are many poem ideas that can come from flowers.

A fourth idea is the idea that these flowers are weeds.  They are not cultivated flowers.  This is possibly different from other artworks of flowers.  This idea of focusing on something that is considered by some to be less or bad could be used in poetry.