Poem: Hello Mr. Goldfish

Hello Mr. Goldfish,
what do you see?

The goldfish said,
most gleefully,
“Sunshine and rain,
green leaves and snow,
the stars shine bright,
as blue skies glow.”

But Mr. Goldfish,
how can this be,
the things you say,
you cannot see.

The goldfish said,
as it swam so free,
“The things out there,
that cannot be,
they all are there,
if one can see.”

But Mr. Goldfish,
all eyes look out,
these things you see,
are not about.

The goldfish said,
with eyes so clear,
“The things are seen,
by those who hear.
The sun and rain,
green leaves and snow,
the shining stars,
and skies that glow,
they are about,
for those who see,
they can be seen,
most easily.
Just open eyes,
and open ears,
wipe off the tears,
and wipe off fears,
look on about,
at all that be,
and then these things,
you will all see.”