Poetry topic idea: contemplation

By M. Sakran’s count, so far, there have been sixty six poetry topic ideas presented on this blog (not counting the one below).  The idea of the poetry topic ideas is basically what their description says, it is to give people writing poetry ideas for poems.

It can be the case, that after writing so many poems, that a poet can find it difficult to think of something to write about.  Poets may write about personal issues in their lives, things happening in the world, broad important ideas, and other things, but at some point, after so many poems, a poet can feel like they’ve written it all.  They can find it difficult to find something new.  That is where the poetry topic ideas presented on this blog come into play.

Many ideas have been presented so far.  They cover a wide range from dust to dragonflies and from crayons to turkey meatballs.  Although, in most cases, the obvious perspective of the idea is presented, often, with many ideas, the notion of finding significance in the mundane is also presented.  Additionally, often a different way of looking at the idea is also shown.  The point is to expand the possibilities of the ideas.

Hopefully readers have enjoyed the poetry topic ideas and have used them for writing poetry.  Hopefully they expanded what poets have written about.

Today’s poetry topic idea is contemplation.  Given the summary above it seems like an appropriate idea for today.

There is something to be said for thinking about something intently.  At some point, depending on what is being thought about, the action becomes almost passive (for example, with the notion that a person can come to a solution to a problem once they stop thinking about it).  There is something about being lost in a thought that has a very poetic feel about it.

Although the idea of contemplation is broad, and an obvious way to apply the idea would be to write poems about contemplating a specific thing, there is still a possibility of writing poetry that simply focuses on the idea itself.  Poetry could be written about thought and thinking and the search for clarity.  This can be written about generally.