Poem with an explanation: Two minutes

Two minutes.  Two minutes of watching.  Two minutes as the drips make their way down the clear path.  Two minutes as thoughts of side effects flow in the mind.  Two minutes as thoughts of disease flow in the mind.  Two minutes as years pass.


This poem is about a person receiving medication via IV.  The medication is started and the person watches as it starts at the bag, flows down the tube, and reaches their vein.  The process takes two minutes.

The first sentence states the time.  It is meant to encapsulate what is happening.  The beginning and end of the event is contained in it.  It says nothing else so as to emphasize the idea.

The second sentence describes the person watching the medication flow.  It’s meant to emphasize that the person spends the entire two minutes watching.  They stare, in a way, as the medication flows.

The third sentence describes the medication flowing.  The idea of drips is both literal and figurative.  It is meant to show the slowness and methodical quality of what is happening.  The path is clear in a literal sense, because the tube is clear, but also figuratively in that the person understands their situation.

In the fourth sentence, the person thinks of the side effects of the medication.  The thoughts about this flow in their mind similarly to how the medication flows in the tube.  The person is worried.

In the fifth sentence, the person thinks of the disease they have that requires the medication.  Again, the ideas about this flow in their mind like the medication.

In the last sentence, the two minutes of watching the medication flow are so significant in what they mean to the person, that those two minutes are like years.

In terms of form, this poem was written as prose.  Each sentence starts with (or only contains) Two minutes.  The third through the sixth sentences all start with Two minutes as.  The fourth and fifth sentences are almost the same.  One says side effects and the other says disease.


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