A photograph to inspire poetry: Acorn cap

Acorn cap

This is a photograph of an acorn cap.  It can inspire a number of poetry ideas.  Some ideas include:

  • Shelters.  This cap looks like a shelter.  A poet could write about a tiny creature, or in a more fantasy sense, a tiny person, and write about them using the acorn cap as a shelter.

  • Small becoming large. This cap was from an acorn.  An acorn is small.  An oak tree can be large.  This idea of small becoming large can be used in a poem.

  • Caps.  This is a cap to an acorn.  A poet could write a poem that uses a cap more generally.

  • Inside and outside. This acorn cap has an inner texture and an outer texture.  This idea of the difference between the inside and outside can be used in a poem.