Poetry topic idea: the planet Mars

Today’s poetry topic idea is the planet Mars.  Writing poems about a planet provides a wide range of possibilities.

A poet could write about space travel, science fiction, colonization, isolation, desolation, danger and a variety of other issues in general.

Additionally, a poet could learn about the planet and write poems that focus on its atmosphere, composition, place in the solar system, etc.

Here is a poem about the planet Mars as an example:

The redness stretches out,
beyond the helmet’s mask,
so much like a desert,
the enormity doesn’t sink in.

In the CO2,
looking out,
seeing half of the Earth,
wondering at the blue,
feeling that it could be reached,
but knowing the impossibility.

Back in the hut,
finality is in the lights,
wondering when the day will come,
when this will unconsciously be called home.

In the whiteness,
where everything is monitored,
sitting in the silence,
and wondering what will be found here,
when this ends.