A photograph to inspire poetry: Up through a tree

Up through a tree

This photograph was taken looking up through a tree.  It is a different perspective than a photograph that looks horizontally or down.  Some poetry inspirations from it, include:

  • Poems about fall. The leaves are changing color on this tree as it is fall.

  • Poems about perspective. As this photograph was taken from a different perspective, this idea could inspire poetry about looking at something from a different perspective.

  • Poems about aiming for a goal. This photograph was taken by looking up.  The idea of looking up could be translated to the idea of aiming for a goal.  This idea could be used in a poem.

  • Poems about people dwelling in an apartment building. This tree is like an apartment, in that many creatures presumably live in it (although none seem apparent in the photograph).  This idea could be translated to people and poems could be written about it.