Artwork to inspire poetry: Three tomatoes

Three tomatoes

Above is an artwork of three tomatoes.  It was made starting with a photograph of three tomatoes.  The photograph was made black and white, and a black and white drawing was made using the black and white photograph as a reference.  The black and white drawing was made using a black colored pencil.

The black and white drawing was then scanned.  Photo effects were applied to the scanned image, including darkening it and increasing the contrast.  After this, a paint brush affect was applied to the altered black and white image using a computer.  This paint brush affected image was then recolored using a computer to give the final artwork shown.

There are some ways this artwork can inspire poetry.  They include:

  • The artwork could possibly seem to look like something that would be done in an art class. Given this, a poet could write about something in an art class.

  • A poet could write a poem about cooking with tomatoes.

  • A poet could write a poem that alludes to three somethings, and uses tomatoes as a metaphor.

  • This artwork is of a still life. A poet could use that idea and write about a scene as if it was frozen in time for a moment.