Poem with an explanation: Seeing eye

In darkness,
when walking the cliff’s edge,
when surrounded by wolves,
when the path is covered,
something is said,
that the eye that sees,
has a tail.


This poem is about an aspect of blindness.  It questions the idea that there are “seeing eye dogs” but not “seeing eye people”.  It is an examination of humanity, in that it examines the idea, that a blind person can rely on a dog, but not another person.

In the poem, the first line “In darkness”, describes the blindness.  The next three lines describe perils of going out being blind.

The line, “when walking the cliff’s edge”, examines physical perils like curbs, doors and stairs.

The line, “when surround by wolves”, examines the perils from other people.

The line, “when the path is covered,” examines the peril of not being able to know what way to go.

The next line, “something is said”, refers to the examination of the idea.

The following line, “that the eye that sees,” is a play on the phrase seeing eye, of seeing eye dog.

The last line, “has a tail,” says that the eye that sees, is a dog.

The idea of the poem is to examine the reliability, loyalty, trust and dedication, that a person can find in a dog, but not in another person.  It’s meant to raise the question of why aren’t people better, so that “seeing eye people” would be something that existed.


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