Poem: Such is today

So let’s see,
there’s movies,
real ones,
and the ones on TV,
there’s music,
the one’s on CDs (do you know what those are?),
and on the radio,
there’s books,
how about one of poems,
and a fiction one,
there’s decorations,
indoor stuff,
and outdoor stuff,
there’s gifts,
so much to buy,
without knowing what to buy,
there’s wrapping,
it never seems to fit,
and gets torn up anyway,
there’s food,
cookies, cookies, cookies,
ham, potatoes, gravy,
there’s other stuff,
driving to see lights,
getting dressed up,
and other things.

Is all of this,
a list?
a list of things,
to get done,
to check off?
are they obligations,
needed things,
things that if not done,
(even though there is some sense of not wanting to do them),
there will be remorse,
or regret?

What if one year,
it wasn’t done?
What would that feel like?

there’s that other thing,
it’s in there,
it is,
you know,
the truth,
it’s in there,
but somehow,
it isn’t sinking in.

One day,
one day,
far away,
in a different place,
with the wood burning stove,
and the orchard,
things may be different.

Things may be,
like the unformed image,
seems to be,
with the candles,
the tree in a pot,
the real wreaths,
and glass,
that one long stocking,
and quiet.

One day.

sitting here though,
there’s a long list done,
and a long list to do.

Such is today.


P.S.  Sunday is Christmas.  Merry Christmas.  In light of this, there will be no new post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things on Monday, December 26, 2016.  Have a nice Christmas.