Experimental Poetry Form: New Year

The New Year is coming.  First, Happy New Year in advance.  Second, in light of the New Year, there will be no new blog post on this blog on Monday January 2, 2017.  Third, in light of the New Year, today’s experimental poetry form is based off of 1/1/2017.

This poem contains six lines, separated into three stanzas.  The first stanza has one line, the second stanza has one line, and the third stanza has four lines.  The line in the first stanza is just one word and the line in the second stanza is also just one word.  In the fourth stanza, the first line has two words, the third line has one word, and the fourth line has seven words.  The second line has something in it, but no words.  This something can be punctuation, a number written in numerals, a picture or something else, just no words.  The amount of things in this line is restricted to one line in length (it could however, be just one small item).  The word counts, written out, look like the date of the New Year: 1/1/2017.  Here is an example poem written in the form:



It’s soon
Be happy, gleeful, and filled with joy!