Poetry topic idea: popular culture

Today’s poetry topic idea is popular culture.  Although many things encompass popular culture, some things include: movies, television shows, online entertainment, music, social media, technology, fashion, celebrities, and sports.  A poet writing about popular culture could take different approaches.

A poet could pick one of the areas of popular culture and examine it in a poem generally.  They could also pick a specific part of an area and examine it specifically.

A poet could write a poem about the value of popular culture.  A poet might write about it from a positive perspective and say that its influence is indicative of its value.  Alternatively, a poet could write about it negatively, and say that its appeal to a vocal and influential base does not mean it has cultural significance.

A poet might examine popular culture of the past and contrast it with popular culture of today in a poem.  For example, a poet could look at popular songs of the 40s and see how those songs differ from popular songs of today and examine the significance of that in a poem.

A poet might examine who they see as the deciders of popular culture.  They may examine who they perceive this group to be and write about their influence either positively or negatively, depending on perspective.