Poetry topic idea: shadows

The poetry topic idea for today is shadows.  Shadows have a number of elements that could be used in poetry.  Some ideas include:

  • The idea of negativity contained in darkness. There is sometimes the idea that something bad “lurks in shadows”.  This concept could be used in poetry.

  • Shadows exist in part because something is not there. A shadow is a place where there is less light relative to the surrounding area.  In some sense, a shadow isn’t something, it’s the absence of something.  This idea could be used in poetry.  A poet could write about something that is defined because it isn’t something else.  For example, the unemployed, are those without a job (but want one).

  • Shadows can have shapes and images that seem different than what makes them. The shadow of a little dog, might look like a wolf to someone who is scared.  This idea could be used in poems.  A poet could extend the idea to other subjects.

  • Shadows are a partial view. Imagine the difference between taking a picture of five people and taking a picture of their shadows.  The shadows have less information in them than can be seen by looking at the people.  This idea of partial view could be used in poetry.  For example, a poet could write a poem where only a certain aspect of someone’s life is shown.  The poet could allude to other aspects as a way of making a point.