A Milestone and The first consideration: The 1000th Day

Today is a most momentous day.  It is the 1000th day since the first post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.


In light of this most momentous day, something new is happening.  This is the first time (and maybe the last and maybe not) that considerations will be considered for M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.  This has been something that M. Sakran has been considering doing for a while, and today seems like a good day to try it.

What’s a consideration?

A consideration is something that a person sends in for consideration.  Other sites may call this a submission.  M. Sakran prefers the word consideration.

This is the first time M. Sakran will be considering considerations for M. Sakran’s blog.  For a set length of time, M. Sakran will be considering poems that are sent in for consideration.  Whether considerations will ever be considered again, depends on how this experience goes.

If you would like the opportunity to have a poem considered and possibly published on M. Sakran’s blog, then please read on for details in a question and answer format.

What can be sent in for consideration?


How many poems can a person send in for consideration?

  Just one per consideration time period.

How does a person send in a poem for consideration?

  By using the form at the end of this post.

What are the requirements for considerations?

  1) Only poetry will be considered.

  2) Only one poem per person will be considered during a consideration time period.

  3)  The poem must be sent using the form below.

  4)  On M. Sakran’s blog there have been, among others, the categories of:

    Artwork Inspiration

    Experimental Poetry Form

    Photo Inspiration

    Poetry Topic Ideas

  Any poem sent in for consideration must be based off of items from one or more of these categories.

  What this means is, is that a person thinking about sending in a poem for consideration, should look at the items in one or more of the categories above.  For example, they might pick to look at the blog posts in the category of Artwork Inspiration.  The person should find one item they like, for example, the most recent artwork, The purple flower, and write a poem based off of it.  This is the poem they send in for consideration.  The poem idea does not need to come from any of the specific suggestions in the post, it just needs to be based off of the artwork, photograph, poetry topic idea, or use an experimental poetry form.  A person can use more than one category to write their poem, but they can’t use the same category more than once for a poem.

  This requirement is part of what makes the considerations on M. Sakran’s blog special.

  5)  The poem must not contain a certain one letter word that is a first person personal pronoun.  This word is also the ninth letter of the alphabet (the one between h and j).  The letter can appear in the poem, but the word cannot. (This rule may sound a bit odd, especially as it does not mention the word it prohibits, but trust that there is a reasoning for the rule.)

  6)  The poem must contain foul language.

  7)  The poem must not contain real brand names.

  8)  The poem must not contain the names of real people or businesses without their consent.

  9)  The poem cannot have been published anywhere else before.  This includes any form of self-publication.

  10)  Once a poem has been sent for consideration, it cannot be simultaneously sent for consideration anywhere else while it is being considered.  For the purposes of this rule, people can consider their poem as being considered, for this first consideration time period, until the end of the day on February 24, 2017.

  11)  The person sending in a poem must have the copyright to the poem.

  12)  The person sending in a poem must have a working email address.

  13)  As a condition of sending in a poem, a person grants M. Sakran the right to retain their poem and other relevant information (i.e. all of the information in the consideration form) until either one of the poems sent in during the consideration time period has been published, or a decision has been made not to publish any of the poems.  Once a poem from the consideration time period has been published, or a decision has been made not to publish any of the poems sent in during the time period, information regarding declined poems (including the poems themselves), will not be retained by M. Sakran.

  14)  A poem cannot be published anywhere, including self-published, while it is under consideration.

What happens if a poem sent in does not follow the guidelines?

  It will be declined.

How many poems will be accepted?

  At most, just one.  It is possible no poem will be accepted.

How long is the consideration time period?

  For this first consideration time period, the time period will be one month.  That means poems can be sent in from January 18, 2017 through February 18, 2017.  This is the time period that people can send in a poem.  People should consider their poems under consideration until the end of the day February 24, 2017.

Are there any suggestions for what makes a good consideration?

  Yes.  The following are some guidelines for what may increase the chance that M. Sakran will like your consideration.  These are guidelines.  They are not rules like above.  Not following a rule, means a poem will be declined.  Not following a guideline does not necessarily mean a poem will be declined.  Following all of the guidelines does not necessarily mean a poem will be accepted, but it does increase the likelihood.

    1)  Shorter is generally better.  Something around 15 lines or so would be ideal.  The idea is to get the point across succinctly.

    2)  Don’t have outside references.  Don’t mention buildings, names, locations or other things that a reader might have to look up.

    3)  Have the poem “hit”.  Poems should hit.  They should make a point, or have an insight, or say something.  This isn’t always something deep.  It could be something funny.  The poem should clearly get it across though.

    4)  Don’t be too obscure.  A poem that has to be read five times before it makes sense isn’t the best idea.

    5)  Say something about humanity or society.  Even if the poem is about a small scene, try and say something about the larger world.

    6)  Have line breaks that mean something.  If a line of poem doesn’t make sense without reading part of the next line, and this was not done for poetic effect, then it should be changed.  Lines, for the most part, should be complete thoughts.

    7)  Using more than one category (see requirement number 4 above) is better.  Using all four, in a clever, creative, and not forced way, would be pretty good.

    8)  Due to the limitations of the considerations form, it might be best not to send in a poem that has a complex structure laid out on the page. The form accepts line breaks and the html tag that looks line & n b s p ; without the spaces for indentations. If the structural form is more complex than that, it is alright, just explain it in the box entitled “Anything else you want to say?”

    9)  Using poetry forms (haiku, sonnets, etc.) or form elements (rhyme, meter, etc.) is alright.  If done well, it can make a poem seem better.

    10)  Don’t have a poem that’s too personal.  The poem should be relatable to a wide audience.  It’s alright to have a personal poem, as long as it speaks to something bigger.

    11)  Don’t have any subject matter or message that’s too controversial.  Don’t have a poem message that you think half the people who read it would disagree with.

    12)  Have the poem go somewhere.  Don’t have a poem that doesn’t come to some conclusion and that doesn’t progress.

When will a person know if their poem is the one that’s accepted?

  The last day to send a poem in for consideration is February 18, 2017.  If a person’s poem is accepted, they will be notified by Friday February 24, 2017, unless there is a delay.  If there is a delay, it will be noted on M. Sakran’s blog sometime between February 20, 2017 and February 24, 2017, inclusive of those dates.

If a poem is accepted, when will it be published?

  This depends on a number of things, but would most likely be within a week or two after a poem has been accepted.

Will people be notified that their poem has not been accepted?

  Unfortunately no.  M. Sakran realizes the difficulty that this causes, but from M. Sakran’s perspective, it would just be too difficult to send out decline emails.  If a person does not hear back about their poem by the end of the day Friday, February 24, 2017, it means it was declined.  At this point, the person can send their poem out to other places if they wish.

Does it cost anything to send in a poem for consideration?

  There is no fee charged by M. Sakran.

What happens when a poem is accepted?

  M. Sakran will notify the person who sent in the poem. If everything works out, the poem will be published in a post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry related things.

Does a person get anything if their poem is published?

  First, just to be clear, M. Sakran can’t pay anything (money or otherwise) to a person if their poem is accepted.  The person does get and may get somethings though:

    1)  They get their poem published.

    2)  They get a publishing credit (they can say someone else published their poem).

    3)  They may get a short biography about themselves published with the poem.  This biography may contain links to a person’s blog, website, etc.

    4)  The person may get the opportunity to explain their poem in a blog post on this blog, per the idea of Poem with explanation, as seen on this blog.

    5)  The person may get their poem and some other information mentioned in the news section on MSakran.com.

What does a person have to do once their poem is accepted?

  If M. Sakran wants to accept a person’s poem, that person must:

  1) Verify that they meet all of the requirements listed above.

  2) Must respond to M. Sakran in a timely manner.

  3) Grant M. Sakran the right to publish their poem on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things indefinitely, including linking to sites the person may operate.  As a note, if a poem is accepted, the person retains the copyright to it.  A right is simply being granted in relation to that copyright.

  4) Grant M. Sakran the right to publish a biography about the person on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things indefinitely.

  5) Grant M. Sakran the right to retain their poem and other relevant information for recording keep purposes.  This will only be done for the accepted poem.

  6) Grant M. Sakran the right to mention their poem, themselves, and possibly to link to their various sites for a less than indefinite time period in the news section on MSakran.com.  The time period will be discussed with a person if their poem has been accepted.

If anyone has any questions about this process, please use the form on the Contact Page.  Although you may not necessarily receive a response, if the question is general enough, the information that answers it, although not the question itself, may be posted on this blog.  Just check back.

Considerations Form