Poem with an explanation: For the night

A blue plastic tarp,
hung over the rope.
Red flannel is buttoned,
as shoes push soil,
there below the bridge.


This poem has a few elements in its explanation.

First, the poem is about homelessness.  It describes a scene.  A homeless person is making their camp in the grass beneath a bridge.

The first two lines describe the person making their shelter – they are making a crude tent.

The third line describes the person protecting themselves from the cold.  It is as if the person is going through whatever motions they can to keep warm.  In this instance, they button their shirt.

The fourth line describes the person making their bed.  Their bed is just the place beneath the tent where the person cleared the soil away with their feet.

The last line gives the location and is meant to make clear the point that this is the scene of a homeless person.  The person is camping under a bridge.

In a second element, this poem was inspired by the Artwork to inspire poetry: The purple flower.  The flower is purple.  In the poem, the colors blue and red are mentioned.  Blue and red mixed together are purple.  Also, in the poem, the man is going to sleep in the soil.  Just like a flower seed or bulb would be put in the soil.  Lastly, the artwork has a flat appearance.  The man is going to lie down flat and sleep.

In a third element, this poem uses the Experimental Poetry Form: Five right aligned lines.  As the form stipulates, there are five lines, the lines are right aligned, and each line has four words.

In a fourth element, this poem is a good (although not perfect) example of the type of poem that can be sent in for consideration.  Currently, as readers should know, readers can each send a poem to M. Sakran for consideration.  M. Sakran will read the poems and may choose one to publish on this blog.  Please see the Considerations page for more information about sending in a poem for consideration.

Some reasons this poem is a good example of what can be sent in are:

  It’s a poem (as opposed to something else).

  It uses the categories of Artwork Inspiration and Experimental Poetry Form as a basis.

  It contains no first person personal pronouns, foul language, real brand names nor names of real people or businesses without their consent.

  It was not published anywhere else before.

  It is not going to be sent anywhere for consideration.

  M. Sakran does have the copyright to the poem.

  The poem is short.

  The poem has no outside references (references to specific things not explained in the poem).

  To a degree the poem “hits”.  In some respect, this quality is not as strong as it could be, but it is there at least to a point.  The poem does lack a little contrast for this quality.

  The poem isn’t too obscure.  The scene is described well enough that a reader can understand what is going on.  There is a little obscurity to it, but not too much.

  The poem references a social issue.  It describes an aspect of a person’s condition.  As far as saying something about humanity or society, this poem comes close in this respect.  It could actually have more of an insight to it.

  The line breaks make sense.

  The poem uses more than one category from the blog.

  The poem does not have a complex structure laid out on the page.

  The poem does have form elements from the use of an experimental poetry form.

  The poem isn’t too personal.

  The poem isn’t too controversial.

  The poem does reach a conclusion.

If you would like to send a poem to M. Sakran for Consideration, please go to the Considerations page for more information.