Poetry topic idea: deception

Today’s poetry topic idea is deception.  There are different ways to look at deception and different ways to use the idea in poetry.

Deception could obviously be looked at negatively.  Think about someone deceiving a loved one, friend, or business associate.

Alternatively, deception could be looked at as cleverness.  Think about using a deceptive move to win a chess match.

Also alternatively, deception could be looked at positively.  Think about a good guy deceiving some sort of enemy to make it through some situation.

In a poem, a poet could apply the idea of deception in many ways.  Some examples include:

  • A company deceiving workers about something of importance to those workers.

  • A child using deception to hide something from their parent.

  • Deception in a relationship where one person is cheating on another.

  • A criminal being deceived by their victim who then turns the situation around.

  • A bird using a deceptive call to sound like another bird.

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