Artwork to inspire poetry: Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This artwork is of a grilled cheese sandwich.  Although in some sense mundane, it can inspire significant poetry.

For example, a poet could write about a single parent who can’t cook, who makes a grilled cheese sandwich for their child.

Or, a poet could write about a homeless person, who eats a grilled cheese sandwich at a shelter.

Or, a poet could write about a latchkey child, who makes themselves a grilled cheese sandwich when they are home alone.

Through a grilled cheese sandwich, a poet could explore issues such as single parenthood, homelessness, and latchkey children.  There are also other issues that could be looked at.

P. S. Have you thought of a poem that uses a grilled cheese sandwich? If so, why not send it in to M. Sakran for consideration?  It might get published on this blog.  See the Considerations page for more information.