Experimental Poetry Form: Stair step

This experimental poetry form is called stair step.  The form has twelve lines.  Each line has two words.  There is a line break between each line.  The first line is not indented.  The second line is indented two spaces.  The third line is indented four spaces.  The fourth line is indented six spaces.  This continues, with each line being indented two spaces more than the line before it, until the twelfth line, which is indented twenty two spaces.

When using the form, a poet could make the lines a broken up sentence or series of sentences, or they may choose to have each line be more independent to some degree.  Also, the lines could be self-contained or need other lines for context.  There is a lot of choice in the use of the form.

Here is an example poem written in the form.

There’s hope,

  waiting here,

    with wonderment,

      and silence.

        Will this,

          all this,

            somehow work,

              somehow flow,

                and life,

                  will change,

                    and waiting,

                      will cease?

P.S. Do you like this experimental poetry form? Are you thinking about writing a poem using it? Why not write one and send it to M. Sakran for consideration? If M. Sakran likes it, it might get published on this blog. See the Considerations page for more information.