Considerations: The first consideration: Almost the end

It is almost the end of the first considerations time period.  Tomorrow is the last day to send M. Sakran a poem for consideration for this time period.  One of the poems sent in might be published on this blog.  If you don’t know what this is about, then see the Considerations page for information.  Don’t miss this opportunity.

Although there is more detail on the Considerations page, the basic idea is very simple:

  1. Readers find an Artwork, Photograph, Poetry topic idea or Experimental poetry form from this blog that they like.

  3. They write a poem using that post.

  5. They send the poem to M. Sakran (there’s a form to use on the Considerations page).

It’s really very easy.

The idea of the considerations is provide something for readers of this blog.  If you read this blog, you might write poetry.  If you write poetry, you might like the idea of sending it to someone and seeing if it gets published.  If you like the idea of having the opportunity to be published, then don’t miss this opportunity.  Send a poem in today.