Poetry topic idea: the second day

Today’s poetry topic idea is “the second day”.  Often in life, we focus on the first day of something or the last day of something.  What about the second day though?  What happens after the initial overwhelming emotion of the first day, but before things become routine?  What happens on the second day?  Think about things like, the second day of school or a job or marriage.  There are many places where this idea can be applied and a poem could be written.

Here is a poem inspired by the second day of Lent:

the food is on the mind,
with feeling in the body,
there was a moment,
of thinking of the time,
and yet,
it’s true,
with all the focus,
on this thing that overwhelms,
it’s so easy to care about what comes in,
and not care about what comes out.
As is said is true,
what comes in is important,
but what comes out is more so.
Lent of the mouth,
in both ways,
should be there.