Experimental Poetry Form: four

Today’s experimental poetry form is called four.  It is as below:

4 syllables Rhyme A
4 syllables Rhyme B
4 syllables Rhyme C
4 syllables Rhyme D

4 words Rhyme A
4 words Rhyme B
4 words Rhyme C
4 words Rhyme D

4 iambic feet Rhyme A
4 iambic feet Rhyme B
4 iambic feet Rhyme C
4 iambic feet Rhyme D

4 trochaic feet Rhyme A
4 trochaic feet Rhyme B
4 trochaic feet Rhyme C
4 trochaic feet Rhyme D

As can be seen, the form has four stanzas.  Each stanza has four lines.  There are four rhymes that are between the stanzas.  Each stanza has lines that are based off of a count of four (either syllables, words, iambic feet or trochaic feet).