Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Introduction

Today is the start of The Dragonfly Post Series.  Dragonflies are interesting little creatures by themselves, and are also interesting from metaphorical and symbolic perspectives.

This series will contain (not necessarily in this order):

4 Photographs for inspiration

2 Bilingual poems

2 Experimental poetry forms

2 Poetry topic ideas

2 Poems with explanations

1 Poem

1 Artwork for inspiration

The items in the series will start tomorrow and continue at least through April 12, 2017.  There will be an interruption of the series on Monday March 27, 2017 for a special post and if something comes up there may be either additions to posts or possibly interruptions.

So far on this blog, there have already been a few posts that reference dragonflies.  They include (at least):

Artwork to inspire poetry: dragonfly from March 20, 2017,

Poetry topic idea: Dragonflies from July 20, 2015,

A photograph to inspire poetry: Dragonfly from May 28, 2015,

Poem with an explanation: Searching from May 5, 2015, and

Post Series: The Orange Series: Experimental Poetry Form: Orange from September 5, 2014.

Please enjoy the series