Milestone: Understanding: poems with explanations: 6 months

Today is six months since the self-publication of Understanding: poems with explanations by M. Sakran.

Understanding: poems with explanations by M. Sakran

As readers should know, Understanding: poems with explanations, is a self-published collection of twenty original poems, with explanations of each of them.  The main purpose of the book is to help readers expand their understanding of poetry through the explanations.

There have been many poems with explanations on this blog.  If you’ve liked them, and the general idea of having a poem explained, then please check out the book.

It is available as an eBook for a current price of $0.99 (plus tax where applicable).  (As a note, the eBook is also available in currencies other than the U. S. dollar.  It can be purchased with British Pounds, Euros (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Japanese Yen, Brazilian Reals, Canadian Dollars, Mexican Pesos, Australian Dollars and Indian Rupees).

Currently, you can read the foreword, introduction, first poem, the explanation of the first poem, the second poem, and part of the explanation of the second poem all for free in the preview of the book.  Take a few minutes and take a look and see what you think.  Click here: Understanding.  If you like what you read, consider buying a copy.

For those out there who have already purchased a copy, please accept M. Sakran’s sincerest thanks.  Thank you very much.  Please consider reviewing the book and telling others what you thought about it.

P. S. The Post Series: The Dragonfly Series will continue tomorrow.