Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Poetry topic idea: wings

As this is The Post Series: The Dragonfly Series, it would seem, that a natural poetry topic idea for it would be “dragonflies”.  That would be the case, however, dragonflies has already been used as a poetry topic idea on this blog.  It was used in the July 20, 2015 Blog Post: Poetry Topic Idea: Dragonflies.

Given that, there had to be another selection for this (as well as another) poetry topic idea for this post series.

Using “dragons” or “flies” as alternatives, while maybe obvious (and slightly humorous), seemed a little too simplistic, and so something else had to be thought of.

Given all of this, today’s poetry topic idea is: wings.

Dragonflies have interesting wings.  If you look at the photograph from the May 28, 2015 blog post A photograph to inspire poetry: Dragonfly, you can see that that dragonfly has four wings that appear mainly clear and have a lattice pattern to them.

Dragonflies can use their wings to fly in interesting ways.  They can hover and dart about and move somewhat like a hummingbird.

Some ideas that can from wings, are poems about:

  • Flight

  • Birds, bats and insects

  • The idea of freedom (flight being a way to have freedom)

  • Speed and quickness

  • Airplane dogfights

  • The structure of different kinds of wings