Post Series: The Dragonfly Series: Poem with an explanation: Dragonfly ideas

This is the last post in the Dragonfly Post Series.  Hopefully it has been enjoyed.  Regular posts start again tomorrow.  Today’s post is a poem with an explanation.  Here’s the poem:

Darting around the sky,
in bursts and flashes,
moving among the trees,
so far away.

In bursts and flashes,
they can all be seen,
so far away,
yet moving close by.

They can all be seen,
in small little moments,
yet moving close by,
there is a hope.

In small little moments,
there is a clarity,
there is a hope,
there is a chance.

There is a clarity,
when things slow down,
there is a chance,
when there is patience.

When things slow down,
a reward can be found,
when there is patience,
a gem is revealed.

A reward can be found,
looking outward,
a gem is revealed,
darting around the sky.


This poem is about two things.  It is about dragonflies and ideas (as in an invention or a way to solve a problem).  The language of the poem, describes both.

In the first stanza, the dragonflies are described flying about.  This also describes ideas that haven’t quite been held on to.

In the second stanza, the dragonflies are described as flying quickly and far away, and yet still coming close by.  This is related to ideas that aren’t quite formed in a person’s mind, but there are times when it seems like they might be.

In the third stanza, the dragonflies appear fleetingly, yet because they come close by, there is hope that they will be seen more clearly and closely.  This same idea is applied to ideas.  When a person is trying to think of something new, they might have moments where they think they understand, and those moments give them hope.

In the fourth stanza, in the moments when the dragonflies come close by and are still, there is a hope and a chance of seeing them clearly and closely.  This is like the same moments that happen with ideas.

In the fifth stanza, if a person is patient and the dragonflies slow down, there is a chance to see them clearly.  This is related to a person with an idea, in that, if they are patient and take their time, there is a chance they become clear about their idea and find a solution.

In the sixth stanza, the dragonflies can be seen with all their colors when they slow down and a person is patient.  Again, this relates to a person thinking of a new idea.  The idea is, if the person slows down and they are patient, they can figure things out.

In the last stanza, the general idea of dragonflies is described.  It talks about them looking nice and flying around.  This realization happens after they are seen up close.  This again relates to ideas, in that once a person has thought of one, they realize that the inspiration for them is all around them.

In terms of form, as can be seen by the repeated lines, this poem is a pantoum.  Some effort was taken to make sure that the repeats made sense.


P. S. There is a new set of photography, artwork, poetry and fiction on  In something different, the first part of the fiction is directly influenced by the poetry.  The poem lists a number of things and those things are alluded to in some way in the first part of the story.