Poem with an explanation: Never, ever, ever

What’s this?
  It say’s glass cleaner.
So spray it on the table?
What’s that smell?
  Maybe that’s just what it smells like?
Are you sure this is glass cleaner?
  That’s what it says.
(Eating the apple pieces off the table.)
Hey, she doesn’t look good.
  What’s wrong?
She’s breathing funny and her eyes look bad.
  What’s wrong?
It’s okay. It’s okay. We need to take her to the hospital.
  Oh no, what’s happening!
(ICU, machines blinking)
(Tears, shaking, rocking back and forth)
We’ve run some tests.
  What’s happening?
It seems to be bug spray.
  Bug spray?
Did she drink it or play in some grass with it or get it on her hands?
  No, never.
Well, she got it in her somehow.
  What’s going to happen? Will she be alright?
Well, the thing is …

There are some things that are just plain wrong. One of those things, is when there is a spray bottle or other container that says one thing, but there is something else in it. This can happen when the bottle or container is empty of what it originally had, and someone fills it with something else because they needed a spray bottle or container at the moment.
Never do this.
Never, ever, do this.
Never, ever, ever do this.
It is wrong. It is very dangerous. First, what is added to the container, may react with what was in it before. Even if it was cleaned, it can still react with residue. Second, what is added to the container, might react with the container itself, causing a reaction. Third, often the new container isn’t relabeled. This can cause confusion. This confusion could lead to many bad things. Fourth, even if the container is relabeled, the relabeling may not be clear because the container might still look like what it was before.
Never, ever, ever, put something in a container other than what it is labeled. Ever.
This poem, is about the consequences of doing such a thing. In the poem, an empty container of glass cleaner, was filled with bug spray. Somebody did this, because they thought it was convenient at the time and they had intended to relabel it, but never did.
Later, someone uses the container to clean a glass top table. The table isn’t wiped completely and after a child eats apple pieces off of it, the child gets sick.
The point of the poem, is to make a point:
Never, ever, ever, put something in a container other than what it is labeled. Ever.
Hopefully it has made the point.
Never, ever, ever, put something in a container other than what it is labeled. Ever.
In terms of form, the poem has three sections. The first section is about the cleaning of the table. The second section is about the apple being eaten. The third section is at the hospital.
With the exception of the parts in parenthesis, the poem is a conversation. In each section, there are two people speaking. The change in indention, signifies a change in who’s speaking.
In the first two sections, the child’s parents are speaking, and in the third section, a doctor is speaking to one of the parents.

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