Poetry topic idea: roasted salted pumpkin seeds

Today’s poetry topic idea is roasted salted pumpkin seeds.

This may seem like a random and obscure poetry topic idea – and that was part of the notion.  It was picked partly because of that.

The idea, is that even something as random, obscure, and specific, as roasted salted pumpkin seeds could be used in poetry.  In addition, it could be used in poems that had depth.

For example, imagine writing a poem about someone with obsessive compulsive disorder.  This is a very significant thing.  Something not terribly significant, such as the aforementioned pumpkin seeds, could be used to express this idea.  Imagine writing a poem, where the person with OCD, constantly eats the seeds or eats them in a certain way.  The poem could be written, in such a way, as to express the idea of OCD, without ever saying it.

As another example, roasted salted pumpkin seeds could be used in a poem about humiliation.  Imagine a poem where someone has a bowl of discarded roasted salted pumpkin seed shells dumped on their head.  In this case, again, something relatively meaningless (the seeds) was used to express something with significance (a person’s humiliation).

This general idea, of applying something insignificant to a significant idea, could be used with many other things and with many other ideas as well.