Milestone: Three Year Anniversary

Today is the three year anniversary of the very first post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.


Three years.

It’s been a lot.  There have been so many posts about so many different things.  It has been an experience doing it all.  There is way too much that could be said about writing over seven hundred and fifty posts.

Here’s a haiku just to say a little:

pebbles in the pond,
seven hundred and more,
so many ripples

Hopefully, some readers, somewhere, have enjoyed what has been on this blog.  Hopefully it has been entertaining, educational, insightful, inspirational and other things.  Hopefully someone has gotten something from it.

If you’ve liked this blog at all, you would make M. Sakran’s day if you would do one or more (hopefully more) of the following:

  • Like this post. It’s really easy, takes a second or so, and is hopefully something everyone will do.

  • Follow this blog. This too is easy, takes only slightly more than a second or so, and means that you might see M. Sakran’s blog posts in your reader (a fun and amazing thing for sure).

  • Read more posts on this blog. There is a page with links to every single post.  It is the Posts List page. Go there.  Find a post.  Read it.  Repeat.

  • Tell your friends (as well as acquaintances and people you only barely know) about M. Sakran’s blog. Maybe put a mention of it on your blog or social media page.  Doing so will bring a little bit of joy to M. Sakran.

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  • Go to It is M. Sakran’s website.  There is a whole lot there (like poems, artwork, even a whole science fiction novel).

  • Purchase a copy of M. Sakran’s self-published eBook of poems with explanations: Understanding: poems with explanations. Doing so will actually cause M. Sakran to dance with joy.

  • Purchase a copy of M. Sakran’s collection of poetry, First Try. Doing so will also cause M. Sakran to dance with joy.

Thank you to all readers.