Poem with an explanation: A statue

A statue

So very tired,
very tired,


Looking out,
a statue of stillness,
with a walking will,
and a silent form,
a sigh of breath,
is quiet.

Slices of trees,
a blending of plants,
something of philosophy,
and chemistry,
a cbc,
and the number’s low.

A sigh of breath,
so very tired,
a fortnight flows,
and there’s the sun,
detachment speaks,
and skies grow dark.


This poem is about a person with anemia.  The person has a low red blood count for some reason, and has low energy.

In the first two stanzas of the poem, the expression of the person’s condition is expressed.  The person is tired.  It is an overwhelming thing.  Three times in these two stanzas the word tired is used.  The lines get progressively shorter, to symbolize the person losing their breath as they try to say that they’re tired.  The line break between the stanzas also symbolizes this.

The next stanza is about the difference between how the person feels in their mind and how they feel in their body.  The person is looking out at the world (Looking out), but because of their anemia, they can’t move much (a statue of stillness).  They want to be active (with a walking will) but their weakness will not let them (and a silent form).  The person has labored breathing (a sigh of breath) but they can’t speak to express themselves (is quiet).

At some point, the person goes to the doctor because of how they feel.  At this point they just feel tired, but their anemia and the reason for it have not been told to them.  The person gets a blood test that they get back as a report.

The blood test comes back on pieces of paper (Slices of trees).  The papers have a lot of information on them in ink (a blending of plants).  There are many numbers (something of philosophy) and information from various blood measurements (and chemistry).  The person had a complete blood count test (cbc) and it shows that their red blood cell count is low (and the number’s low).

The person has to wait for the interpretation of the results to know what is causing the anemia they have.  While they are waiting, they grow weaker (A sigh of breath, so very tired).  They wait two weeks (a fortnight flows) and then in the morning (and there’s the sun) they go to the doctor.  The doctor speaks to them (detachment speaks) and tells them that their anemia is cause by something serious (and skies grow dark).

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