Poem with an explanation: Freedom

the sunshine
and nothing


This poem is about ending an ordeal.  The ordeal can be a variety of different things, but generally is something negative that was endured.  It could be extremely negative, like prison, or slightly negative, like a week with in-laws.  Generally though, it is an experience that is endured and the end of which is looked forward to.

The idea of the poem is to convey everything in something small.  The first line of the poem is “the sunshine”.  This is the relief.  This is the end.  This is the freedom from what has happened.  This is the moment where it is all over.

The moment is significant.  There is much to it.  There are tears in the eyes, and a multitude of emotions inside.  It’s quiet, but the significance is loud.  It’s like walking out of prison free.  It’s all that moment contains.

The next line, “and nothing”, expresses the speechlessness of the moment.  It is hard to describe (even in this explanation).  There are no words for it.  Nothing conveys it correctly.  It’s a thousand words that need to be expressed as two words.  Imagine meeting someone as they walk out of prison, and asking, “So what does this feel like?”  There are no words to describe it.

One thing about the poem, is that it is incomplete in some way.  The idea of the poem is that the freedom experienced is simply profound and there are no words that adequately describe it.

This poem is about freedom.  It is about being free from something that was overwhelming.  The idea was to express it simply but in a way that got the point across.