Artwork to inspire poetry: banana slices

banana slices

This is an artwork of three banana slices stacked together.  It was done with a gray colored pencil, then scanned, and then computer altered.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The idea of achievement. These banana slices are not stacked straight up.  One rests against another, and another rests against both.  It is almost as if the banana slices were meant to be stacked straight up, but for some reason this was not done.  A poet could see this and use it as inspiration regarding the idea of not quite achieving something.

  • The idea of nonconformity. Again, these banana slices could have been stacked straight up, but were not.  A poet could see this as a metaphor.

  • The idea of haphazardness. These banana slices are stacked in a jumbled, haphazard manner, and a poet could see this and apply the idea to a situation in life.