A photograph to inspire poetry: Grasshopper


Above is a photograph of a grasshopper.  It can inspire poetry.  Some ideas include writing about:

  • Camouflage.  This grasshopper is camouflaged to look like dead grass and leaves.  A poet could see that and apply the idea to poetry.  A poet, for example, might write about an introvert dressing to blend in with their surroundings.

  • Eyes.  This grasshopper has what appear to be big eyes.  Although presumably its “eyes” aren’t eyes like human eyes, they appear to be so.  A poet could use the idea of eyes in poetry.  A poet might write about the eyes of a loved one.  They could also write about the eyes of someone staring.  They might write about their own eyes, as seen in a mirror.

  • Naming.  A grasshopper is named for what it does where: it hops in grass.  A person could apply this idea to poetry and write about subjects that are named similarly.  A poet, for example, could write about a field worker or a house cook.