A Milestone: The 900th blog post

This is the 900th blog post on M. Sakran’s blog of and about poetry and poetry related things.



900 is a lot of posts.  There was a time, a while back, when 70 posts felt like a lot.  There was a sense of not knowing what else could be written about.  Now there are 900 posts.

900 is close to a thousand.  A thousand posts really feels like a lot.

Hopefully, readers of the blog have enjoyed what has been here so far.  Hopefully this blog has been of some use and entertainment.

If anyone wants to look back at past posts, they are organized by date on the Posts List page and there are broad category links on the About page.  If anyone wants to send a message about the blog, use the form on the Contact page.

If you like the blog, please consider liking this posts, following the blog if you don’t and telling your friends about it.

At one of the past milestones, there was a mention that something new might be added to the basic categories of the blog.  There is still some thought about that, but nothing definite.  One idea that is at the front of the list is essays about poetry.  It’s still being thought about.

Again, hopefully everyone has enjoyed the blog.  Thank you to all readers for your reading and other interaction.