A photograph to inspire poetry: lemon with snow

lemon with snow

Above is a photograph of a lemon with snow on it.  There are a number of poetry ideas that can come from this photograph.  Some include:

  • The photograph shows a contrast – there is a bright tasting fruit with cold snow. This idea could be applied to poetry.  A poet might write a poem about two people, one who behaves brightly, and one who behaves coldly.

  • There is the question of whether the snow will damage the fruit or the tree. The idea of unknown possible damage could be used in poetry.  A poet could think of many situations where there is a sense of uncertainty about potential negative consequences.

  • Some might look at this photograph and see hope. Despite the snow, there is the fruit.  A poet could apply this idea of hope to different ideas.

  • Some might look at this photograph and see despair. They might think it inevitable that the snow will damage the tree and fruit.  This idea of despair could be applied to different ideas for poetry.