A photograph to inspire poetry: snow on a fig tree

snow on fig tree

Above is a photograph of snow on a fig tree.  Here are some poetry ideas that can come from it:

  • The snow on the branches and leaves is clearly defined. There isn’t much snow below the tree and there isn’t much of the tree without snow.  A poet could use the idea of clear definition in poetry.  A poet could write a poem where they are very specific with their subject matter.  They could be detailed and have details regarding it.  This could differ from poetry with a more general subject.

  • Some of the leaves with snow look like designs. A poet could use these designs as inspiration for poetry.  For example, the designs might remind a poet of a crest on a shield and a poet might write a medieval based poem.  As another example, a poet might see the designs and think of them as emblems for some group.  They could write poetry about the group.

  • The tree is carrying the weight of the snow. A poet could use the idea of carrying weight metaphorically in a poem to describe someone with an emotional burden.

  • The snow hides the tree. A poet could write about a person who hides their feelings.