Poetry topic idea: ribs

Today’s poetry topic idea is ribs.  Here are some ideas for using ribs in poetry:

  • A poet could write about the creation story of Adam and Eve. They could use the story of Eve’s creation as the basis for expressing other ideas.  They could write about husbands and wives, as well as women, men, and their relationship to each other.

  • A poet could write about a boxer with hurt ribs. They could write about the pain, the difficulty breathing and the difficulty moving.  They could write about how each blow brings more damage.  They could use these ideas as a metaphor for life situations.

  • A poet could write about cooking and eating ribs. They could write about the process, the time and the recipe.  They could describe the appearance, smell, taste and texture.

  • A poet could use a rib cage as a metaphor for something else. They could either talk about it as containment or protection.


P. S. Happy third day of Christmas.