Poem with an explanation: statues

The statue sat,
there upon stones,
with eyes open,
hoping to hear.

The statue sat,
there upon cushions,
with eyes closed,
hoping to ignore.


This poem is about homelessness.  The poem has two stanzas, each with four lines.  Each line has three words.  The stanzas are the same except for the end words of lines two, three and four.

The first stanza is about a homeless man.  He is sitting outside of a fast food restaurant (The statue sat) on concrete (there upon stones).  He is looking inside the restaurant (with eyes open) hoping someone will beckon him inside for some food (hoping to hear).

The second stanza is about a man in the restaurant.  He is sitting (The statue sat), upon a seat cushion (there upon cushions).  He can see the homeless man, but is trying not to look at him (with eyes closed).  He is trying to feel like he doesn’t see the homeless man (hoping to ignore).

The poem contrasts two very similar images.

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