Artwork to inspire poetry: pieces of colored bell peppers

pieces of colored bell peppers

The above artwork is of pieces of colored bell peppers.  They are arranged with pieces of one pepper resting on the one before it.  There are two orange pieces, two red and two yellow.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  Here are some ideas:

  • The pepper pieces are in a line. A poet could see this and be inspired to write about people in a line.  They could write about the interactions the people have and the waiting they do.  They could write about people waiting for something good or waiting for something bad.

  • The pepper pieces are arranged in a pattern. A poet could see this and write a poem that had a pattern to it.  The pattern could be based on a number of form elements.

  • In a way, the arrangement of pepper pieces was built. A poet could think of this and write about the building of something.  They could write about the pieces that went into the something.