Poem with an explanation: wheeling forward

There’s a time of hindrance wheeling forward in the chair,
the rugs, carpet and doorways rise from the earth,
like a hand was waved and stones obeyed,
like the whole house was of quicksand,
like mountains fled beyond all sight.
Then there is the moment,
when forgetfulness creeps in,
and eyes clinch,
silently loud,
once proud,
moving an inch,
and there’s the din,
that from pain was sent,
and all time seems a blight,
and humility does join the stage band,
and a song of simple need is played,
and notes call out to alleviate an unthought-of dearth,
and to the whiteness of the clouds eyes do stare.


In terms of form, this poem uses the experimental poetry form: two triangles from the March 9, 2018 post on this blog.  Check the post for information about the form.

This poem is about a person who has broken their leg and is in a wheelchair.  It looks at the initial time of their experience.

The first sentence looks at the experience as the person first starts to wheel about their house.  They experience the fact that their house is not set up for a person in a wheelchair.  They encounter rugs and carpets that are difficult to roll over and doorways that are too narrow.  They move slowly through everything they do because it is difficult to get about and things they want seem like they have moved far away.

In the second sentence, the person is lying in bed.  They have just awoken and they start to roll out of bed, like they did before their injury, because in that moment they have forgotten they are hurt.  As they move, they feel pain and they clinch their eyes and grimace.

In the third sentence, the person finds they need help for even simple things.

The poem looks at the initial time of a person in a wheelchair.  It looks at the initial experience and the start of the transition from walking to having to roll in the chair.  It looks at the difficulty of that time period.


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