Artwork to inspire poetry: a broken hazelnut without its shell

a broken hazelnut without its shell

Above is an artwork of a broken hazelnut without its shell.  It can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • The idea of something being broken. The poet could look at the idea of broken as being negative or positive depending on the situation.

  • The idea of pieces. A poet could focus on pieces of something, either physical or pieces of an idea.

  • The idea of putting something back together. The poet could focus on something physical or look at the idea symbolically.

Here is an example poem:

The weight did fall,
the foot did break,
held together,
in the plaster.
Six weeks pass,
steps are climbed,
the day does come,
when there is breath.
Seeing the familiar,
looking so different.
Doing something basic,
with such effort.
Walking without thought,
and thinking of it.