Poetry topic idea: radio

Today’s poetry topic idea is radio.  A poet can incorporate the idea into poetry in a number of ways.  Below are some ideas.  A poet could:

  • Use radio in an acrostic poem. The word is short, has no repeated letters and has 60% vowels and 40% consonants.  A poet could write a five line acrostic poem with radio as the base.

  • Write about the idea of broadcasting. Radio has a feature such that, under the right circumstances, anyone with a proper device can listen for free.  There is the idea of freely spreading ideas involved.  A poet could apply this idea to poetry.  They could write about the spreading of an idea.  They could also view the publication of their poetry (either by themselves or someone else) as broadcasting their ideas.  This could influence the poetry they write.

  • Think about radio plays from the 1940s and write a poem in a similar style (with names of speakers, sound effects, actions spoken, etc.) They could write in noir, western, or mystery genres.

  • Write about music on the radio.

  • Write about talk radio.

  • Write about the use of radio in emergencies.

  • Write about radio as a means of communication.


Here is an example poem:

The Detective

“Where were you,
last Tuesday,
the fourteenth,
at 11:30,
at night?”

the question.