Artwork to inspire poetry: plantains


The artwork above is a food artwork.  It is of cooked plantains.  The plantains were sliced and cooked in a butter alternative.  When they were nearing being done, brown sugar, honey and lemon juice were added.  The plantains were cooked a bit more and then served.  Although this food is not vegan in the sense that honey (and possibly sugar) are not vegan, it does not contain any meat or dairy.

This artwork can inspire poetry.  A poet could write about:

  • Places where plantains grow. A poet could look up the regions of the world where plantains grow and write about those places.  A poet could learn and write about what plantain farms are like and about those who work there.

  • Cooking plantains. A poet could write about a meal being prepared with plantains as a side dish or a desert.

  • The colors in the food. This dish contains yellows, golds, oranges and browns.  A poet could write a poem with those colors and use them symbolically in poetry.

  • Sweet vs. savory as a metaphor. This dish is sweet.  The plantains were ripe and brown sugar and honey were used.  Plantains can also be cooked as a savory item.  They can be fried and sprinkled with salt.  A poet could see this contrast and use it as a metaphor for other things.
    There are a number of experiences and situations that could be one way or another depending on circumstances.  A poet could write about these situations and examine the ways they could differ.  A poet might include different versions of the same situation in the same poem.