Experimental Poetry Form: long, short, long

This experimental poetry from is called long, short, long.  It is based off of syllable count and layout on the page.

The form has three lines.  The first line has twenty syllables, the second line has four syllables, and the third line has twenty syllables.  The form is centered on the page.

Below is what the form looks like with *’s representing syllables.




Here is an example poem using the form:

Standing next to someone as they tell a lie to someone else with sincerity.

They speak to you.

Listening to sincerity, your mind opens, and realization walks inside.

Poem with an explanation: the mirror of many years ago

looking into the mirror
of many years ago
and wishing to speak
so the words would be different


This poem is about the idea of a person talking to their past self.  It is based off of the thought that people sometimes have where they wonder what they would tell their past self so that their current life would be different than it is.

In the poem, the person is looking at a photograph of themselves.  The photograph is “the mirror of many years ago” in the poem.  When a person looks at a photograph of themselves, it is like they are looking into a mirror, except the image is from the past.

As the person looks at themselves, they wish they could give their past self advice (and wishing to speak).  They want to give their past self advice so that their current situation would be different.  In other words, they would tell their past self to make different decisions than they themselves actually did.

If the person were able to do this, and their past self took the advice, then they would be currently living a different life.  If that were so, the words they would say to their past self when they look at their photograph would be different than the words that they said at this time (so the words would be different).  They wouldn’t be giving their past self advice, at least they hope, rather they would be telling their past self that they made the right decisions.

This poem is about looking back on the past and wishing it were somehow different.

Poetry topic idea: air

Today’s poetry topic idea is air.  Some things a poet could write about include:

  • The idea that air is unseen and around us. This idea could be used to represent different ideas in poetry.  For example, a poet might use the idea as a metaphor for the feelings a group of people have.

  • The constituents of air. Air is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, and other things.  A poet could relate these components to different aspects of life.  For example, a poet could describe a group of people that could be fit into different groups using the constituents of air as a metaphor.

  • Air pollution. A poet could write about air pollution directly, or they could use it as a metaphor for something that is a byproduct of something else, but that causes harm.

  • The need for air. People need air to live.  A poet could write about this directly or they could use it symbolically for something a person needs or something that a person feels very bad not having.

  • Flying through the air. A poet could write about the idea of what it would be like to fly.

  • The idea that air is taken for granted. Air is one of those things that isn’t noticed unless something is wrong with it or it isn’t there.  This idea could be used symbolically for other things.

Experimental Poetry Form: five

Today’s experimental poetry form is called five.  It consists of five lines.

The first line of the poem has five words.

The second line of the poem has five syllables.

The third line of the poem has five iambic feet.

The fourth line of the poem has five letters.

The fifth line of the poem has five trochaic feet.

Here is an example poem:

The dog ran far away,
escaping the yard,
and all about the people looked for him.
Slowly walking minus canine friendship.