Poem with an explanation: the traveler sees

the color changes
as the bridge repairs itself
the traveler sees


This poem is a 5-7-5 haiku.

This poem is about physical healing.  It is about a person healing from a small burn.

In the poem, a person has burned their hand.  It has changed colored and is dark purple and almost black.

As times goes (when the poem starts), the person starts to heal.  The color changes and the person’s skin repairs itself.  The person notices this and takes note of it each day.

The idea of the poem is to look at a passive experience.  The traveler in the poem (the person who burned themselves), watches as something happens to themselves.  Their body is doing something, and they are an onlooker to it.  This is an unusual idea to think about.  The person’s body is doing something, but they are not consciously involved.

This idea could be applied to a variety of both good and bad situations.  A good situation might be an athlete who does something amazing without thought.  A bad situation might be a person being affected by a disease.  In both cases, the person’s body is experiencing something apart from their consciousness.