Poetry topic idea: drought

Today’s poetry topic idea is drought.  Drought can generally be used in two ways in poetry: literally and figuratively.

The literal use of drought would mean to describe a lengthy period of time without significant rainfall.  In writing about drought this way, a poet could touch on a number of ideas.  Some of them include:

  • dryness
  • water rationing
  • heat
  • the impact on agriculture
  • the impact on plants more generally
  • waiting for respite
  • wildfires
  • water levels in lakes and rivers

Drought metaphorically could be used to be describe a lengthy period of time without something other than rain.  There are a number of ideas this could be applied to.  Some include a drought in:

  • business
  • communication of some sort
  • dating
  • visitors
  • offers of some kind

Here is a poem using the idea of drought:

Lying on the concrete,
looking up,
as the sun beats down,
and waiting,
to hear the sound,
of the phone to ring.